George Floyd Protest Organizers in Miami Helped Deescalate Sunday's Crowd

After a protest against police brutality culminated with Miami police officers firing tear gas and a handful of people looting shops at Bayside Marketplace on Saturday, a demonstration held downtown yesterday ended relatively peacefully, to the relief of many. Although there were 28 arrests and at least one instance of vandalism, the tensions did not escalate to anything near what transpired the night before. Hundreds of people took to the streets on the second consecutive day of protests in Mi

Miami Inmate Who Sued Over Jail Conditions Now Has COVID-19

Anthony Swain, a 43-year-old Miami-Dade inmate who has publicly spoken out about insufficient protections in the county's jails amid the coronavirus pandemic, is now battling a case of COVID-19. Swain, who was being held at the Metro West Detention Center, was rushed to Jackson Memorial Hospital on May 10 because he couldn't breathe. The next day, he tested positive for the viral disease. Swain is one of several at-risk inmates who filed a federal lawsuit against Miami-Dade Corrections and Reh

Thousands Remain in Miami-Dade Jails as Lawsuit Moves Forward

This past Tuesday morning, Lorena Gutierrez's 4-year-old son sat in the backseat of her SUV, and a handwritten sign reading "Year Sentence NOT Death Sentence" rested on the dashboard. She spent two hours driving around the Richard E. Gerstein Justice Building and pretrial detention center with more than a dozen other vehicles to demand the release of inmates during the coronavirus crisis. The socially distanced protest was part of a multipronged campaign by civil rights advocates to free inmate

Armed Men Moved Sex-Trafficking Victims Between Spas in Robert Kraft Case

STUART, Florida—Armed men driving luxury vehicles moved sex slaves between massage parlors across Florida as part of a “transnational human-trafficking ring,” Martin County Sheriff William Snyder told The Daily Beast. The widening investigation made national news last week when authorities said New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft was among dozens of men charged with soliciting prostitution at spas across south Florida. Since then the probe has grown to identify several new suspects who move

Robert Kraft Is Just One of Many Rich and Powerful Men Busted in Florida Prostitution Ring

JUPITER, Florida—A new McLaren 720 and Ferrari 488 gleam in the sun outside of The Orchids of Asia Day Spa while residents pass by to take selfies and make lewd jokes on Saturday. They have come to see the place where New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft allegedly paid to receive sex acts from trafficked Chinese women. Kraft is not the only prominent resident of the area that has been charged in connection to a multi-million dollar human trafficking and prostitution ring operating in Florida

Recount Ordered for Florida Governor and Senate Races, Elections Officials Find ‘No Illegal Activity’ in Broward County

LAUDERHILL, Florida—The state’s top election official ordered a recount in both the governor and Senate races on Saturday, with the Democratic candidates edging closer to their Republican opponents. Meanwhile, protesters from both sides of the political spectrum flocked here, intensifying the fight for key seats in the nation’s largest battleground. Secretary Ken Detzner issued the order after the unofficial tally from Tuesday’s election fell within the margin to trigger a recount mandated unde

Roger Stone Cheers as Conspiracists Descend on a Florida Election, Again, to Stop ‘Radical Leftists’ From Counting Votes

LAUDERHILL, Florida—A loose coalition of fringe right-wing personalities, local political activists and associates of longtime GOP trickster and Donald Trump adviser Roger Stone descended upon the Broward County Board of Elections Friday in order to protest the high-stakes recounting of the U.S. senate race between Republican Rick Scott and Democrat Bill Nelson. The ongoing ballot count, in a race where Scott claimed victory on an election night wheN he led by less than one half of one percenta

Inside the World of Mail Bomb Suspect Cesar Sayoc: Steroids, Strip Clubs and Sick Views

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. —The night before an army of law enforcement swooped in and charged him with being a serial mail bomber, Cesar Sayoc Jr. was in his element, working as a DJ in one of South Florida’s strip joints. Sayoc had been manning the door and spinning tunes at Ultra, a “boutique gentlemen’s club” with decidedly mixed online reviews, for the last two months. Thursday was his day off, but he was filling in for another DJ, Scott Meigs. Meigs, who has worked the club circuit with Sayoc

Surveying the damage after Hurricane Michael

When Hurricane Michael made landfall as a Category 4 storm on Oct. 10, it drove a wall of water 10 to 15 feet high across large swaths of the once sleepy seaside Gulf town of Mexico Beach, Fla. Propelled by the storm’s sustained winds of 150 miles per hour, the water reached almost half a mile inland at some points. Entire housing developments were reduced to their foundations. At least two beachfront homes were ripped off their pilings and floated clear to the other side of the street, one wit

Panama City's Poor Suffer Most in Michael's Aftermath

Hurricane Michael ripped a hole in the roof of Amy Bauer’s tiny apartment in Springfield, a poor Panama City neighborhood. An administrative assistant in her early 50s who gets paid by the hour, she met the storm with no cash on hand, no extra food, no batteries, no flashlights. was an economic impossibility, so in the before the hurricane hit, she used her limited means to provide for those she cared about most — her seven dogs. In the five days since the storm struck, she’s been hungry. The Na